Our fee structure is designed to meet your needs, depending on your level of knowledge of the aged care process and the time you have available. Whichever level you choose, you can be assured that our personalised service means that your case manager will be with you all the way. All our staff has experience in the aged care sector, so you can be confident in their expertise.

Level 1

  • Assist with the process of selecting facilities that can offer you the most appropriate bed based on your care needs, geographical preferences, financial status and any other factors relevant to the placement.
  • Receive a specific list of daily vacancies for appropriate facilities for a period of up to 14 days. The list is produced by our expert team based on your Aged Care Assessment and will be sent to you either via email, text or phone call.
  • Take all the guesswork out of selecting which are the best care options for the person you are trying to place.

 Level 2

  • Allocate your own personal case manager who will be your contact person throughout the process noting there is an initial one hour face-to-face meeting with your case manager via phone, email or mail.
  • Provide a list of appropriate facilities for you to view.
  • Assist with the completion of all the necessary paperwork, including ‘Power of Attorney’, ‘Request for an Assets Assessment’‘Entry in to Aged Care’ booklet; and ‘Guardianship and/or Administrator forms’.
  • Lodge applications for your chosen facilities; liaising with facilities to source a placement; and keeping up-to-date with any change of circumstances.
  • Assist with the admission process.

Selecting an appropriate facility

Your case manager will:

  • Match the aged care facility with the person’s care (our experience assists in choosing a facility that has not only a level of aesthetic appeal but also a high standard of care)
  • Visit and chose facilities and provide you with a report on the short list of facilities including appointments for you to view these facilities. If you require, your personal case manager will visit these facilities with you
  • Connect you with an independent professional financial service which will assist you with the optimum financial outcome to maximise the pension entitlements

Moving into the Aged Care Home:

Your case manager will:

  • Negotiate the time & day to move and organise the move to be at a time that works for all concerned
  • Assist with all paperwork ensuring that you understand and agree to the Resident Agreement and Residents’ Rights and Responsibilities; and walk you through all the paperwork that is required to place your loved one into aged care
  • Assist moving into the aged care facility as this can be a very traumatic experience. This service is to assist in planning the entire move to addressing specific moving requirements you may have
  • Organise personalised ambulance transportation if required
  • Follow up with the facility, the resident and family member(s) to ensure that there are no issues that require immediate attention

Extra Support Services
The fees for these support services are based on a pro rata hourly rate of $95.

ACAS Assessment

We can arrange with the nearest Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) to assess the level of care required for your loved one. This will determine whether the person can be cared for in home or if the decision is for the person to move into an aged care facility. We can arrange to be present at the assessment, should you require this.

Arranging in home services

We can liaise with the appropriate providers and ensure that under consumer directed care, that the needs of the client is being met.

Respite Care

We find an appropriate residential care facility, shortlist and provide you with the names of the facilities. Should you require, we can attend the viewing of the facilities? We explain the costs associated with the respite and complete the necessary paperwork.

Advocacy Service

Our team at NewPHASE Consultancy is passionate about the rights of our aged. We provide an advocacy service to ensure that your loved one or friend is provided with their care in a respectful and dignified manner.

Our service provides ongoing visits to the resident (up to six months after placement – or for as long as you require). The number of visits is negotiable and a report will be provided after each visit. This service is about making sure that the care is being delivered according to the care plan, that the accommodation and appearance of the facility is maintained at all times. This service enables you to visit your loved one or friend in a stress free environment, while we ensure that the care is being appropriately delivered. Should there be any deterioration in the care or environment we will notify the family member immediately. We can also assist in raising a complaint if required.