Robyn, Director of NewPHASE Consultancy has over 20 years experience in aged care, throughout Australia.
Robyn says, “Our purpose (NewPHASE) is to make your experience with the Aged Care journey a more positive experience for you and your family.  Very importantly, we listen to you and your family members and ensure that our service meets your unique needs”.
Our services are always provided with understanding, compassion and professionalism. We are diligent in keeping up-to-date with changes to the Aged Care policies and programs, so you can be assured that you will always be provided with the right information.

NewPHASE Consultancy provides the following services:

  • Relocation of a person/s into an aged care facility
  • Advocacy
  • Assisting clients who are seeking to become in home care providers
  • Working with clients who are seeking to become residential aged care providers