Aged Care Placements

Choosing the right aged care can be stressful, time consuming and confusing… so it makes sense to get professional advice. NewPHASE Consultancy specialises in aged care placements and in-home services throughout Victoria.
Using their extensive knowledge, NewPHASE Consultancy can solve your aged care problems by finding the best options for your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.
Whether your situation is acute and requires immediate assistance, or you are looking forward and planning ahead, we can help you with supportĀ and advice for each step of the decision making process.

Why choose NewPHASE Consultancy?

  • you save time (let us do the legwork for you)
  • professional advice with extensive experience
  • we take the worry out of the process so you can concentrate on your loved one
  • local knowledge
  • we come to you (statewide in Victoria)
  • personal service (one-on-one consulting)

How do you choose between aged care options?

Choosing between the available aged care homes and making the right decision can be daunting. How do you know what quality of care is required? Or can you stay in your own home? Can you fit it within your budget? There are so many factors to consider; it certainly makes sense to get some professional advice.

What are our services?

  • Tailoring an individual plan to meet your needs
  • Discussing and negotiating the fees and charges associated with residential aged care facilities
  • Liaising with residential aged care facilities and shortlisting the most appropriate facilities
  • Submitting necessary paperwork on your behalf
  • Ensuring that your placement is finalised

What extra services are available?

  • Referral for financial assistance
  • Arranging home care services
  • Ongoing support and advocacy (up to six months after placement)
  • Arranging respite.

What are the steps to moving into a residential aged care facility?

  1. Assessing your eligibility
  2. Finding the right facility
  3. Applying to the facility
  4. Negotiating the costs applicable
  5. Moving and settling into your “new phase”.